Friday, June 18, 2010


I can only hope that dear Joyce can see her error before she harms yet more of her brothers and sisters. I find this type of evil most insidious and difficult to heal as the thinker’s mind is closed. Not even the ‘holy spirit’ can heal such a  mind. How the writer of this can in any way think this is a loving email is beyond me.

Hi Colin,

I sometimes read your blog, not often.

But did read the part your wrote about you would have not made a good parent because of your abuse when you were growing up.

I don't think that is a reason or excuse to turn your life into being a gay man.

God did make you a man, &  (I know we have not tread in your shoes,) but God destroyed Sodom & Gomorra for the sexual sins the people were practicing, & just saying you would not have made a good parent is not excuse enough for your life style.

God gave us a command to populate the earth, that is one reason He made us, only one reason, & there are many more reasons, & He made us in His image & I don't think He expected us to populate the earth if we were all living a homosexual existence.

It is hard for me to grasp that people think that homosexual life is in anyway a normal lifestyle, & everyone that is homosexual always has some excuse of their lifestyle, which makes the conclusion of trying to reason to the rest of us that it is okay.

You are a very talented person, God gave you those talents you have, He also puts us through trials & tribulations to make us better people & through these things we are meant to learn from them.

The abuse we go through in life, makes us a better parent, as we know how terrible it is & we want to make sure our children never have to go through that type of abuse, we only learn that from experience.

I'm sure with your talents you would have been a great parent.

You stated you don't believe in Hell, but I am sure just because people don't believe it, that does not mean it isn't going to happen.

There are so many things in the Bible that have happened & are still going to happen., that actually prove the Bible is true.

I know this letter isn't going to change your mind about many things you write, but I just felt I had to write it, I am not condemning you, it is not my place to do that, or to judge you.

I do believe that there is a time we all will be judged, & pray you might realize that too.


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