Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I went to meet my friend Marilyn in Peterborough today.  This is the first time I have been anywhere other than my local supermarket with the wheelchair on my own.  It went very well.  I spent the last two hours on my own going around the shops.  The only time I felt vulnerable was having to go down into the basement to use the toilet.  It crossed my mind that if anybody wanted to take advantage of my situation this is where they could.

I bought myself a nice pair of rimless frames as I'm getting my eyes tested tomorrow because my prescription has changed-again!  I also bought a pair of prescription goggles for swimming.  They are quite amazing, I was really surprised at how well I can see through them.  Much better than having to put contact lenses in every morning.

It has rained on and off today but has done little to make it feel cooler.  In fact it made it more humid.  Even the dogs just lays about not wanting to do anything.

I am getting much better at using this voice dictation software.  It does make errors, which I have to correct, but it is still far better than my typing and less time-consuming.

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