Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Christians Are Bisexual (and the rest of us)

Are you shocked by this?  I am.

It would seem that they are equally attracted to both sexes, sexually and emotionally.  They choose to suppress their emotional and sexual attraction to members of their own sex.  This must cause an enormous amount of stress.  At the very least they must spend an awful lot of time on their knees.

I wonder when they made the decision to only act on their sexual and emotional attraction to the opposite sex.  How old were they when they made this decision?  Does this mean that before they were Christians have they were having sexual and emotional relationships with both sexes?

The logical conclusion to be drawn from their insistence that we have a choice is that we are all naturally bisexual and have an equal sexual and emotional attraction to both the same and the opposite sex.

This means that I'm definitely not normal.  I have never been sexually or emotionally attracted to the opposite sex.  Phew!  That was one less decision I had to make.

I would dearly love to ask Sarah Palin two questions.  One: when did she decide to suppress her lesbianism and two: how does she sustain it?

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