Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hip Hip Boo Hoo

So now I am getting really pissed off. I can cope very well with pain. I can even take my mind away from it and I knit or even walk the dogs, if I can, or I go and swim or I meditate or I read or listen to music. Whatever, I can leave pain behind far enough to either not feel it or have it just rumble quietly .

Night pain is a different matter altogether. I can't get away from it. My hips are really painful at night and have been for a couple of weeks now. I thought maybe the Memory Foam Mattress Topper I bought was to blame. I took it off and last night the pain was worse.

I am getting about 3-4 hours sleep and then I am waking every 20 mins or so because I am in so much pain and have to move. I have to switch sides. This morning I took pain meds as soon as I was out of bed and it still took from 7.30 am till gone 2pm(after second does) before it eased off.

Anyway, I went to the pool and swam half a mile which helped in that whilst I am doing it, I am weightless and feel no joint pain. It also helps dissipate the ratty feeling.

Right now I just feel tired, not sore.

I am past the heel on John's toe up socks. They are okay but not the style I would have chosen. He doesn't like them tight so they aren't. The toe is too wide and I'd have the body tighter but.....they are for him so he must have them the way he wants them. It is just difficult to make something that one feels is not well made.
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