Sunday, July 08, 2007


I went to the show today and am glad I did. Micah won his class. His daughter, Shameless was 3rd.

I have been in much less pain. Either because I have been taking the pills(tho not since this morning and I am still not in big pain) or because this rough patch is ending. We'll see.

It turned out to be an easy decision to not attend this weeks long distance show. John will be away with work near where his 90 odd year old mother lives so i told him to go see her and thus no dog sitter for me.

I have two major shows next week - one 20 miles form and one 140 miles from home. I'll be fit for those.

Now I am off to rip open a bag which contains 8, yes 8, 100gm balls of sock yarn-representing the full range of this particular scheme.
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