Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chainsaw Massacre

I am about ready to go back to bed. I have only been up 4.5hrs.

Back to not sleeping that well because of the damn hips. I shifted over to John's side of the bed since that is vacant week nights. That gave immediate relief which last about 2 minutes.

I swam my half mile last night. This morning I took the dogs out for their walk, all 5 of them They are so well behaved. I have my walking stick in my right hand and they seem to understand they need to walk in an orderly fashion. Even Shilpa, and it was her first proper walk today.

I came back and was really fed up having to manoeuvre around the bloody bush outside our front door. John really ought to have cut it back by now. I went and borrowed the electric chopper from next door and did it myself. I might be artistic but I am no gardener. I have a feeling the bush is not going to need chopping for a long while. It might not even ever need chopping again.

Why is that some people feel they must insult/denigrate those who disagree with them? Apparently, if one doesn't believe Al Gore and all those other climate people, one is selfish, ignorant and too unintelligent to recognize the truth. mmm.

This attitude is really no different to the position fundies take if one disagrees with them - you are evil or possessed or you wouldn't disagree.

So no, of course the same words are not used to put one down, but the purpose is precisely the same.

Anyway, I do wish there more hours in the day. Or maybe more hours before I need to sleep. I feel as though I just don't get much done. When I awake later, I need to bath Nechung. Then I won't be fit for anything again but to sit and knit my sock.

Still, it could be worse and at least I can do what I do.

John and I are thinking of going to Germany in August. We will visit with Holly in Heidelberg. A major snag though may well prevent us going. Luna is due in season and her beau is all booked up. We cannot go if she is not in season and bred before we go. We will probably have to book up the Chunnel and hotels at the least minute if we do go.
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