Monday, July 09, 2007

Eight Balls

The older I get, the younger I behave.

I have finished the complete pair for John and still only one sock of my pair.

However, the other day I got thru the post 8 balls of Online sookyarn, the complete Tropical set. They have been sitting quietly by the settee in full view making me drool whenever my eyes set upon them.

This evening, like a child not able to wait until Xmas day, I ripped open the bag and started another pair.

Not only that but I started toe down and this time got the toe I wanted, a nice rounded one.

Very simple.

I have done such shaping on a raglan and had seen QK's idea for what she calls 'fan shape'.

As I was casting on Turkishly, I suddenly realised what she was talking about and that it is what I do on Raglan seams only she was doing it on the toe. The picture completed in my head and I threw QK aside and did it.(btw why on earth does she make such a performance out of these instructions? What's with all those markers? I thought the idea was to make it simple? I can't imagine what a total novice ( the hills are alive) would make of it. I know what this ex novice (my knees hurt) one would have done had I seen this book when I had no clue- I'd not be knitting socks.How does one see the stitches thru all that rubber and plastic?

So this sock toe is looking good, the colours are scrummy and I have another 7 balls (call Mr McWhirter) of different scrumminess. Lucky me.
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