Monday, July 16, 2007

The Catholic Church's Evil Grip

So after years of silence in the face of child abuse, after years of hiding paedophiles, Mother Church has bought it's way out of court by giving away billions to a small fraction of it's victims.

It isn't just that the hierarchy of the the Roman Catholic Church was complicit in the sexual abuse of children by protecting it's priests and denying the victims.


Not just that.

It's whole ethos is based upon abuse. The abuse of young minds. The rape of innocents.


Hence we have millions of people worldwide who were corrupted by nuns and priests in childhood. Who were convinced in childhood of the infallibility of the Pope and his cohorts. Who were convinced that to question their authority or their love was to be booking a one way ticket to hell and damnation for all eternity.

The power of such brainwashing is immense. Thus even with those who go on to get themselves a good education, the pull of the Church remains. Fear and guilt win and even the educated person toes the line. So effectual is this method of brainwashing that the person thus brainwashed more often than not does not even question it.

So in 2007 this evil empire still has it's claws into billions of innocent ones. Will continue to abuse children. Will continue to house and hide paedophiles. Will continue to wallow in it's riches.

And the world will allow it to do so and pay lip service to love and compassion for children and human kind in general, directing it's ire toward Islam or whatever scapegoat is found next.

Anything but clean it's own shit up.
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