Monday, July 02, 2007

Hip Hip Hooray

I was speaking with Carole yesterday. Carole is the mother of my friend Vanessa. She gave me a suggestion - place a duvet over the mattress topper on top of my bed.

Couldn't harm so John got the single duvet out of the loft for me and last night I slept on top of that which was on top of the memory foam mattress which was on top of the mattress. (Perhaps I ought to have place a pea under it all too....)

Lats night I slept through with no pain in my hips, at least none so much it woke me. Just the normal stiffness.



Kerry said...

Ah, The Prince and the Pea. ;-)

So glad to hear you slept well.

Yarnhog said...

I'm glad you found a solution. Sweet dreams.

Sheila said...

Night pain is the worst! Glad you found some relief. I have been enjoying your comments about John's sock on the socknitters list.

ferg said...

I hope the good sleeps continue. Nothing worse than not being able to sleep because of pain. Stunning shots of full moon in previous post. Is it only me or are you always surprised how small nature is in your photos when it seemed so big in real life?
cheers Gillian