Sunday, July 29, 2007

Out And About

Yesterday was one of those unexpected days. We got up as usual and then went to the barber. We needed a big shop so we had decided to go to Morrissons some 27miles away.(Gives you an idea how awful Tesco have become when we are prepared to travel 27 m each way rather than 1m).

On the way we decided to drop into a place called Springfields. We had been here before but their disabled parking is crap and too far away. This time we managed to find a space up close.

Springfields is an open air mall. (I assume you'd call it). All the shops are 'outlets' of big companies. They only sell remainders/seconds/sale stuff.

It was great fun for me. I haven't been out for ages. I can't really do this sort of thing without someone with me.( Wheelchairs are handy but not always possible to manoeuvre on my own and besides which, getting them in and out of the car is too much. ) That someone is of course John and he doesn't like shopping at all. The only place he liked was the book shop.

Amongst other shops, there was a Denby seconds shop. I love Denby crockery. I tend not to buy expensive crockery because I break it easily. My grip is not what it once was. I did however buy two plates and two bowls from here and hopefully they will last some time before I drop them.

Then on to Morrissons and our main grocery shop. Now just why can't Tesco take a leaf from them? Really, our Tesco doesn't even sell green peppers any more!

A bonus was that they were selling these plastic sets of drawers at only £14.99 so I bought two. Ideal for keeping my needles and sock yarn stash in. A bit more tidy any way.

We ended up being out about 7 hours.

Going to a dog show is not the same thing. I love going. It isn't that difficult. I drive there, get my trolley out, sit by ringside all day, put my trolley back in the car and drive home. Shopping is much more of a challenge!

This is the one part of my disability I hate. Being dependent. If not for John, I'd have no days out. Now John turned 60 in April and also has COPD. I worry for the pair of us. To be blunt, am I destined to become house bound? Now I know why I live one day at a time and do not dwell on the future.

Our trip to Heidelberg, Germany is all booked up and we leave on the 22nd Aug.

By that time Luna will have been mated. In fact she ought to be ready next weekend.

Poor Micah is frustrated. His daughter is in season and of course Luna is. He can't have either of them. He is being really rather good in that he is not whining or otherwise kicking up a fuss.

I finished another second sock and am on another second sock. Only two second socks to go now!
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