Friday, July 27, 2007

Elle Sock

The yarn is Elle Sock Yarn, 80% new wool and 20% nylon, shade number 49. Made in South Africa. Lovely handle to this yarn.(Yarn from The Knitting Hut )

The sock is knit toe up. I very nearly abandoned it because it looked nothing on the needles(see below) but continued on until I had knitted to go over part of my foot. Then I liked it.

The pattern is very simple K1tb, p1, K into next 2 sts but do not take off and then knit into 1st of these two sts again and place on right needle, P1, K1tb and repeat all around.

It looks rather plain unless on a foot....
Turkish cast on(20 sts each needle tip-Magic Loop)
I think this is my best heel yet, done slightly differently to previous Sherman heels.
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