Sunday, July 29, 2007

What the.....?

I have belonged to a list for many years. I have not once had any cross words on that list.

Someone other than the list owner complained about OT posts and subject lines.

I posted that it was the list owners job to tell us what what was what and that she had too much class to be heavy handed with us all.

Next came a public post from list owner which left me in no doubt that during the last 7 years my OT posts were not welcome. (edit: no I was not singled out or even mentioned only OT posts were.)

Okay so that made me feel really rather stupid, but not really a big deal. I just wish I had been told so years ago and I would not have sent such posts (which were about HK not MK). I would have appeared much less stupid too!

So I wrote and apologised to the list for my misunderstanding. The post didn't arrive. So I went into the group to post from there.

I then discovered I was put on moderation!

I can't believe it. Not a word said to me. Just swiped at like that. To say I feel hurt is an understatement. Talk about a very pointed 'you are not welcome'.

I don't deserve to be treated like this. If I had repeatedly done something I had been asked not to, fair enough, get heavy. I have done no such thing. Not once have I ever been asked to not post about HK or my pups and in fact I only posted about them because I was asked to and resulted in maybe 4 posts a year with a one line link and in usually in an on topic post! Plus anything about HK has not been more than a couple of times a month and again just a link, unless others asked questions.

I am not arguing that I ought to have been allowed to do this. Just that I should have been told years ago not to.

To add insult to injury, for several days, an OT topic has been generating many posts and is being allowed to continue because it as an approved OT topic.

EDIT: I have had an email from list owner and it was the usual friendly mail. This explained that I had not done anything wrong and that the whole list was put on moderated.
Yes I have considered deleting this post but as this is a diary of sorts, have decided not to.
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