Monday, July 16, 2007

Gaurdians of Democracy

The UK, The EU and The USA all say they are FOR democracy and will fight for it's preservation anywhere.

What they mean is they support democracy and will fight for it's preservation as long as they agree with the politics of those that have been democratically elected.

If not, well they will do what they can to bring regime change.

Or had you not noticed that Palestine elected a government?

In a legitimate, fair and free election according to all international safeguards.

Yet the Big 3 are doing what they can to bring it down and do not recognize it.

This is bit like finding out that Santa isn't real. These defenders of democracy are nothing of the sort.

It brings into question all they do and the reasons they fight wars.


Suna said...

Makes you wonder, doesn't it. And wonder what to DO about it. I just do my small, pacifist things and hope combined with the efforts of others, they will add up to something positive and less embarrassing. I feel sorry for the "regular" folks all over the world who just want to live in peace, raise their families, and not get caught in the crossfire of multinational organizations' contentions over petrochemicals.

Just an opinion.

Lisa said...

scary isn't it - sort of reminds me of the 'fictional' movies where the world is run by the big corporations. War for oil and to keep all the companies that make equipment for wars afloat with our tax $.