Friday, July 13, 2007

Just A Little Prick

Okay so I went to the doctor again today because this night pain is really too much and is stopping me living during the day. I have kept up my swimming but am so exhausted all the time. I can cope with day pain but night pain is not on as it stops me sleeping and I need my sleep.

I refused the injection into my hips last week. Today I agreed to it.

In my mind an 'injection into my hip' meant a huge long needle into my hip joint which is the main reason I said no.

Today, I agreed to have it done. I was talking to John whilst Stuart prepared the injection and was waiting calmly for him to do it when he suddenly said. 'There all done'.

Turns out the needle is tiny......

Anyway, it could work and it might last a week or 6 mths one could also not work.

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