Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Regia Stretch

I still haven't come up with a way of doing socks I am entirely happy with though I do find plenty of yarn that I am enamoured by! This is Regia Stretch Color (no 84). It is 70% new wool, 23% nylon and 7% polyester.

I really like this colourway. I was in the shop with John looking for some black or navy or dark grey. They didn't have any but they had this and whilst I do not need sock yarn, I couldn't resist.

Anyway, knitted entirely on 2.25mm needles, ribbing too. I got 10st and 14rw to 1" I knit it toe up with a Sherman heel. I cast off using the EZ method(sewn cast off).

I do not finish the whole 50 gms per sock. I don't want socks that are very long up the leg. It seems that I have smallish feet at 9.75" long with the ball of my foot, along with the ankle, measuring the same.

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