Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Heidelberg Visit

I have been trying to arrange our visit to Holly in Heidelberg, Germany.

We have decided on arriving there on Wednesday 23rd August and leaving Sunday 26th.

However, we cannot book up anything because the girl I am waiting to breed has not yet come in season.

Typically, the girl I do not want to breed, Shameless, started her season today.

Now this could be good because often this will encourage Luna to come in as well.

Now the boy I want to use may well be leaving the country so I have to use him now. I definitely want him to be the father of this litter.

I am just hoping that Luna plays ball and either comes in during the next week or waits until about the 18th because then we can still go and she will be ovulating when we get back.

It is a year since we went away(you may recall the awful situation we came back to) and it would be nice to go but if we can't, well we can't.

Perhaps we will have to wait until next year.

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