Monday, January 11, 2010


I had decided on Saturday that as my antibiotics were finished, i would resume my swimming today. I had a dog show yesterday. John was with me and he did all the lugging, not me. No i don’t make him but he refuses to let me do anything.

Imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning and had great difficulty getting out of bed. Once I was up, I knew I was not going swimming. It would seem that just being at the show, and perhaps getting up really early to attend it, is what does me in, not the lugging of stuff.

I will just knit today and probably dye.

It is back to being damp. The snow has all but disappeared. It’s only 0c. I prefer it really cold and dry. The weather doesn’t care what I prefer.

I will probably make an album of my dyed yarn, like I did with the hats. I will mark each photo with the price. I can take PayPal via my email address or I can take payments directly into my bank account. Email me for details.(My email addy is in the heading of my blog.)

If this doesn't work, then it will be Folksy or Etsy or Ebay.

ps: Whitney went Best of Breed at the show yesterday. For the first time, she did not get into the final of the group. This was her 5th BOB and four times she has been in the final 7,  taking G3 and G4 once each.

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Penelope Grey said...

Colin, my DH finished his antibiotics and we thought all was okay. Within a day or two we realised it hadn't cleared up the chest infection so he went back to the Drs. This time they have given him stronger ABs, for a longer period,10 days instead of 7, plus also steroids to take as well,so he has six of those a day plus the ABs. He now says he is slowly beginning to feel better again and is managing to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. So keep an eye on it and make sure your chest infection has cleared up properly. Hope you feel better soon.