Monday, January 25, 2010


I am feeling extraordinarily good today. In fact I have been for quite some time. Not in my boy, which is pretty much same old crap, but in my spirit I am good. This new outlet for my creativity has really added a new and good dimension to me and my life. I love to do it. I love working and not being sure what the result will be. I splosh about and end up with lovely yarn. Now THAT is groovy man!(Yes I know it could have been COOL, but bugger it, this is my blog.)

My talk and dem went well last night., Rained all the way there and all the way back and most of the night. The dogs, therefore, had newspaper left down for them and they slept free and not in their cages as they had not been out at all. Too much work letting 6 hairy dogs out into a wet garden.

I have started a new blog named KNITMAN’S KITCHEN. I have not put anything up on it yet. I thought I would use it solely for my yarns rather than get it all mixed up here. Good idea? Thoughts welcome. At present, I just alter the timing on the yarn posts so it is always first or second post. No hassle. Maybe my readers prefer it all on the same blog?

I noticed that the kitchen wall above the dogs’ crates was more or less bare and it occurred to me that it would handy to have shelves there. I could put all my dyeing stuff there, in easy reach, and not have such a mess around the place. I mentioned it to John. When I got back from doing the church last night the shelving was up and he had arranged all my dyes and pots etc on the shelves for me.

I have two solid dyes to offer up and also two hand paints. I shall probably do more today.I wan to just go and do it now, but I have other priorities right now, like dog washing. I am finding it hard for nwo to do the essentials as all I really want to do is paint.

Needless to say, my knitting time has reduced drastically. I am half way up the leg of both socks using the Global Warming colourway. I dyed these amongst my first dye work and each sock is entirely different! They were 50g hanks, dyed with the same colours but one was the dilute of the other. An odd pair of socks but I wear odd boots so why not odd socks?


The Second Half said...

wow, the joy and enthusiasm and good vibes coming from your writing about how much you are enjoying using dye is almost tangible. Just magic!! 8-)

Can so relate to having to be disciplined about getting doing other tasks when the siren call of the other is calling one's name ....

Monadelphus said...

MO - keep it all on the same blog but separated as you suggest. When you said you wanted shelves above the dogs' crate, I immediately saw a picture of dyed dogs where something had fallen off a shelf! Well done John for taking the hint - wish hubby would act as fast smetimes!

Iris said...

May I borrow John, please? Only just when I want to hint that I'd like something done. You are a very lucky man. Kudos to your John.

I think putting all the yarns in one place would be a great idea. My feeling is you should still give a little notice on the "regular" blog so we know to go take a peek. You probably already were going to do that, though.

I wish I could go to one of your demonstrations. I wish my father would come talk to me. In a way, I think he does. Sometimes, I get this incredibly strong need to listen to certain music or sing a certain song or have a memory that's just way too "odd" for me to come up with on my own. I like to think, at least, that this is my father.

Julie said...

I love your beautiful yarns and your stories. I prefer it all on one blog. Otherwise I'll forget to check the second one and miss all the pretty yarns.
Julie in San Diego

Leslie said...

I'd rather have the yarns with your regular blog. I think it's been working well the way your doing it. This way we get it all! (IMHO)

Anonymous said...

I want some yarn! Let me know where to find it. I am so happy that you have this great creative outlet. It's funny, because I had this vision of dogs tangled up with dye pots, too!