Tuesday, August 14, 2007

There's a Moose In The Hoose

I was sitting talking on the phone and a MOUSE ran behind John's armchair!

I thought I had seen something dart under the kitchen sink last week but it was just out of the corner of my eye and I decided it was nothing....

I have called a man to come and do his thing tomorrow.

Do you think Daniel Craig does extermination on his days off?


BarbaraME said...

Now Colin, do you have a moose or a mouse in your house?! :-)

We actually have moose where I live but boy, that would be a mess if it ever got in.

I HATE mice - do you have a cat amongst your dogs? They work really, really well. And if Daniel Craig can't come deal with it, perhaps a nice Navy SEAL might?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can send him across the pond when he is done. I'm having the same problem in my kitchen right now. I went to make dinner the other night and one MOUSE ran across my kitchen counter and jumped over the back of the stove into hiding. Scared me to death. Needless to say, I have traps laid out all over and I had my neighbors cat come visit for a few hours and I never made dinner. Good luck getting rid of the pesky thing.

yvonnep said...

OMG, and you just cleaned like hell!!!???

Terri said...

Hi Colin,

We had a mouse problem recently. Didn't know it at the time but the little devils were coming into the house through the dryer vent. Once inside they ate through the dryer hose and the little rascals had a field day eating dog food that was stored in the basement. There must have been a lot of them because there was a lot of droppings. They are gone for good (I hope).

Knittiana! said...

Living in an old building we have mice in the second floor where I live, I guess the reall are all over. I always wondered how the h***l these little monsters manage to get into locked cupboards and sealed containers, but then I gave up and just moved everything out of their reach. It worked. The alternative would have been some serious poison all over the flat, as suggested by my landlord. Bahhh... Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time at about 11:00 pm. on a cold winter night, my husband screeched, "Get the pan, get the pan!" Now, tell me, would you know what to do? Finally, he said, "There's a mouse, go get a pan - one with a lid!" Well, I'm totally bewildered, but I go get a saucepan with a lid. Jim carefully stalks the mouse and deftly dumps him from the curtain rod into the pan. THEN HE HANDS ME THE PAN!!! As I am standing there with the mouse bouncing against the lid of the pan, Jim goes into this long, disjointed explanation of why I didnt know what he wanted, how he found the mouse, why the cat had been missing for days on end, why a pan with a lid was necessary .... Finally, I went downstairs to reliease the mouse into the wild. Well, it was Erie, PA, and 22 F outside.

I took him into the garage and released him. I also put out food for him all winter long. I didn't tell hubby until years later, and the little mouse never ate anything, except what I left him.

Am I weird? Yup? Do I care? Nope!