Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How About That Then?

Last night I went for my swim. When I had finished, I felt rather good and more mobile.

I needed to get something to eat from the supermarket, so I went.

For some reason, it just came to me to use one walking stick in my left hand and hold the trolley with my right. It worked.

I also found as I walked that I wasn't hurting that much.

I ended up filling my trolley with what I needed, not just the one meal for the evening.

Okay so getting it out of the car into my house was more of a challenge but it was fine, done bit by bit.

I then went as far as to chuck a chicken and vegetables and herbs and garlic and some red wine into the slow cooker (crockpot) and this morning the house is filled with the lovely aroma of my lunch for the next few days.

I am somewhat more sore today but I feel rather pleased with myself.


Anonymous said...

Your post is interesting. I was speaking to my husband about your problems with pain and what swimming may, or may not, do to help. He has worked extensively with MS support groups in Florida and has learned a great deal, some of it medically based and some of it based more on patient experience and unproven. He says he has been told swimming will help a great deal IF the water is cool and will make the symptoms worse if it is too warm - something to do with blood flow. I wonder if it's true.

Congratulations on your increased mobility! - Iris

Pam West said...

Hi Colin
Its good when you achieve something like that isnt it.
In your earlier post you said you had to rely on John to do your shopping so getting it yourself is brilliant.
I know for most people just getting the shopping in is easy its not a big thing but for us who have problems it does help with your feelings about yourself and your health.
Perhaps you could do some shopping after swimming again.

Anonymous said...

You need to pinch a shopping trolly to have one available at home to decant the shopping from the car to the trolly to the house. A bit labour intensive but the satisfaction I imagine is well worth it. We had a Citroen Picasso for a while and it came with this trolly thing that folded flat, you opened it up and it had a handle you could pull up and move around like one of those suitcases on wheels, would something like this work?