Friday, August 31, 2007


These are pictures taken in the centre of Liege, Belgium, our stopover on the way to Mannheim.

The weather was wet and chilly and it really looked as if we might have then the UK's awful summer with us. We consoled ourselves with the knowledge that we were going to be visiting with people in Mannheim so maybe it won't matter if it was wet.

Liege was not pleasant. It was full, really, of street people with drink/drug problems. We are approached and harassed several times in an hour or so. I always find this difficult, having some experience as a street person myself many years ago. I was fortunate and on the streets thru fear not because of drink/drugs.

We stopped for coffee. In the gap between ordering and the waiter returning, I must have gone elsewhere in my mind because I jumped out of skin when he returned with our order. It made us both laugh, though my laugh was tinged with embarrassment. I still have over done reflexes.(exaggerated startle response)

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