Friday, August 31, 2007

Is This Love?

John has spent the last 2 days sorting out my stash for me. He sorted into count and fibre. The attic is full too. My sock stash is downstairs.

Gosh, how the word stash has changed in meaning for me over the years......


Sarah said...

Wow. One, that puts all our stashes to shame.
Two, that puts all of our significant others to shame.

Gail R said...

As it has for most of the children of the 60's... : )

Very awesome - love most of the colors I can see. You have excellent taste.

Jill Schaefer said...

I think it is love. :-)

Ann said...

Yes, I think it is Colin. :) What a Treasure John is .... but then you already know that.
As I've said before you are blessed to have him in your life.

I look forward to seeing some inspired knitting from you now that you
can see what is in your stash.

Warmest good wishes to you and John.

Anne said...

Hey Colin,

Can I borrow John to sort my lot out, please?

I agree with you - it must be Love, John wouldn't have done it.

You have a treasure and a half in John.

Lou Lou said...

Wow, Colin!
Is he willing to do so for the rest of us?

Cher said...

OMG lol, he'd have a field day in my workroom then, and could end up buried for months!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin
I would love someone to do some sorting of my stash, why is the wool
you want always at the bottom of your pile of boxes.

Trish said...

That is BIG FAT LOVE!! John sounds like a keeper.

Does anyone else want to visit Colin's yarn stash just to pet it and admire it?

Anonymous said...

I definitely consider the actions of John to be acts of love. Good to know there are those who care about you and for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin:

Good to hear from you. You have a good thing going. Maybe you could share
your stash.

Mae in Canada

Lisa said...

that was certainly a labour of love! - now how about a pic of the sock yarn stash

yvonnep said...

True love, that is!

Anonymous said...

Share stash? I was thinking how nice it would be if he could clone John and share the copies! (Or what ever clones are called)

Anonymous said...

The photos of your stash are truly impressive, Colin, but I couldn't help
lingering over the picture of that huge foot in Trier--and imagining you
making a sock for it...:):) --Pat & Paws

Anonymous said...

I used your photos of *your* stash as a demonstration to my husband that mine is nothing, absolutely nothing. I do not believe he was impressed with my logic at all. Of course, he doesn't know about the eight cones of Colourmart cashmere DK that should be winging its way to me by Tuesday. That is best.

Kudos to John for doing the sorting and storing for you - and for stroking your sore back.

junie said...

Colin, when Anne and the others get through with John and the re organizing of their stashes, I would love to 'borrow' him for my stash.

Wow, you are a lucky guy! In fact, you two come to the States and I bet you could just go from stash to stash and the trip wouldn't cost much at all! Free room and board...except for the stasherizing(sic)

Yarnhog said...

That is definitely love.

And thank you. I feel so much better about the size of my stash now! (By the way, my husband refers to yarn as "heroin" and says he won't be an enabler, so I don't know that the meaning has really changed all that much.)

craftyknits said...

Colin you have put my stash in the shade lol. I have been thinking about de-stashing some of it but when I get a cone in my hand I see all these garments in my head and end up putting them back.