Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's A Miracle!!!!

I couldn't stand it any more.


The mess.

What mess?

The house mess. I had run out of room to put stuff.

Something had to be done. So I did it.

I have been on my feet most of the day. I have cleaned up the kitchen, chucked a load of stuff out,driven to the tip, scrubbed surfaces, washed the net curtain, washed towels, ran the Dyson here there and everywhere.(Goodness does that Dyson suck.)

The dogs think I have gone bonkers.

My body is screaming 'what the f**k do you think you are doing?'.

In the meantime I have been doing drugs. Keeps me going and the drug companies in profit.

Okay so now I hurt like hell and am walking like I am 90 and dead but I feel good!

I accomplished it.

Later or tomorrow I am starting on the lounge.

And when John gets home, we are going to do something about my stash room. Oh, and I am going to do something about my huge collection of magazines. Knitting of course.

any suggestions about the mags would be considered. I feel at the moment I could get rid of them but that feeling may not last long......

I have done all this whilst listening to Carly and singing along. Masked the snap crackle and pops of my body.

I just hope I have not started anything up as we are going on our trip to Heidelberg next week.

My legs are screaming at me now. They just have no manners.


Suna said...

Good for you in the cleaning. I have spent this summer doing similar things, one room at a time. It's hard on me, and I am mostly able bodied--take care of yourself.

As for storage. I bought inepensive cardboard magazine storage boxes at IKEA in bright colors and have knitting magazines in them, organized by title. About 2002-today are in our media room (it's like a "family room" in the US) and the older ones, going back to the 70s when I was Teen Knitter, are in a closet that once was very organized but now is not. Will be again. I do find that I refer to the older ones, especially of certain publications. I would never throw away an IK, Knitters' or Vogue Knitting. Some of the others I have actually disposed of if there isn't anything I want to make in them. See, I can be reasonable...

yvonnep said...

You're my hero! And take some advice: never throw those magazines away. Do as Suna advices: buy things at Ikea. Because otherwise later (years...) you might find yourself searching the internet for old magazines.

Probably Jane said...

If you really want to reduce your magazine collection you could list them on EBay or donate them to the Knitting and Crochet Guild collection...or you might make yourself a huge 'to do' list by leafing through long forgotten and much loved patterns...

Knit Caboose said...

Oh Colin, I feel your pain - I was very much a crash and burn cleaner (toddler, fulltime work and volunteer work took enough time away from my sockknitting, let alone keeping the house clean too!!!) www.flylady.net has saved my aching body and knitting time :) doing it in small 15 minute doses every weekday over a couple of months has ensured I never have a crash and burn cleaning session again ;)

Now as for Daniel Craig in just his socks...SHOW ME SHOW ME SHOW ME!!!! drooooool


Anonymous said...

Is it time for a trip to the pool? I'd like a trip to the pool. It's bloody HOT!

Oh, and all us wicked women are wondering where the socks are? I don't see any socks. Does anyone see any socks?

Sheila said...

Now that you have cleaned you can knit with a clear conscious. Not that you need that to knit! I know I don't! I also need to organize my room. I have knitting, quilting and embroidery all waiting to be organized!

Anonymous said...

Next time you come up to Ikea, let me know and i will accompany you round and stop you getting lost LOL

FugueStateKnits said...

Hey Colin - suggestion for the knitting mags (if not posted before): Carefully rip out those patterns you think you'd like to do someday/maybe, making sure you have all of the pattern (you know, the pages in the back of the magazine). Do the same with any articles, for example about a technique or something you'd like to save. Ditch the rest of the magazine (or give to friends who might want to do other patterns you're not interested in). Invest in a bunch of three-ring binder thingies (or whatever they have in your neck of the woods) and plastic page holders - you know the kind that have the holes already punched for the binders? Put your patterns/articles in those and organize by type, etc., making sure you have the date and title of the magazine either in the article or written on the page protector thingie. If you stumble upon errata for a particular pattern, you can put that in there as well. This way, you have a collection of patterns, etc., but without the bulk of stacks of yellowing slippery magazines.