Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lilac Cashmere

This is the truest colour representation I could get. Knit on the SK830 with 2 x 2/28's Mongolian Cashmere. 38 sts and 58 rows to 10 cm. It is 52cm across and less 8 cm at bottom. Done entirely in st st. Washed and tumble dryed 3 times! It shrank no more after the second tumble. I had miscalculated and it was too long. Now it is the size I intended.
Front neck.
Sleeve FF shaping.
Diagonal shoulder line.
Back neck.
Sleeve cuff.


pam said...

Hi Colin
its gorgeous. What a lovely colour.

Sarah in DC said...

Gorgeous sweater...I absolutely love it!

StickLena said...

Ooh my favourite colour in a very nice model....

Liz said...

Your work is positively lovely! I love the color and the expert stitching. And the sweaters look so soft I want to reach through the screen and put them on! I have a weakness for fine-gauge knits. They drape beautifully and feel like a hug when you wear them!

Celtic Knitter said...

Wow! What fine detail work. It looks amazing. I went to your blog when I saw something about Mongolia .. . I assumed it had something to do with the Dulaan project. :)

you're obviously a very talented and experienced knitter!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. the sleeve and neck shaping are inspiring to this new machine knitter...WOW. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Anonymous said...

Beauty, simplicity, a perfect classic shoulder line and my all-time favorite: FF shaping!


Maggie said...

That sweater is beautiful, Colin. (No surprise.) Good job!

Anonymous said...

I agree--Colin, this is one of your best! Simplicity at it's finest. You are a genius. Would you consider travelling to the States and give a lecture or workshop?

Cathie said... are an evil, evil man. ; )

What temptations you put up here. Aarrggg. I want lilac cashmere! Just saying it is fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Colin, I have bribed my husband into letting me get some from that eBay site when I get my tax return! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Colin, this is sheer perfection. You really show what knitting should be, and what a garment
should be: perfect, unobtrusive, doing justice to the yarn...
Really a thing of beauty.
It's even difficult to SPEAK about it!

Anonymous said...

Once again, a beautiful job!
Also, I read your blog on OCD---whether you wanna hear it or not, your strength, resilience, and ability to understand yourself are an inspiration, especially to those of us with OCD. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Colin, that is simply gorgeous!!!

Jan Fielding said...

Beautifully done, Colin. I hope one day mine will look like that.
Jan in NZ

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin

I have just been on your Blog and seen the pictures of your beautiful
sweaters. The finish looks incredible. Something to aspire to.

debbie said...

Colin, it's beautiful! I love the color, and it looks so soft. You are
amazing. I also like you "ice cream socks', great yarn color. I too
miss Hagan Daz as I'm diabetic, no more for me.

G said...

Colin, This lilac sweater is pure perfection. I can't believe my
eyes. What a heavenly color and the close up pics of your finishing
is truly a work of art in itself. I do admire a well finished
garment. BEAUTIFUL!
I also love your ice cream socks! What fun! Bitten by the sock bug
I too am OC and yes it does help you deal with physical pain. I
feel the most pain with the fibro when I cannot have my mind engaged
in a new project or actively engage in my knitting. At work
(cleaning) I'll start to get sore and if I start thinking about
design techniques or something I'd like to do when I get home, I
don't notice the pain as much. It doesn't go away but I guess it
shifts focus. I'm grateful our brains are so smart to help us out
like this, aren't you?
Again, awesome sweater Colin.

Anonymous said...

Awesome............. Lost for words - do you give lessons?

Kind regards

Deborah said...

I see what you meant....that is beautiful x

Sharon J said...


Alex said...

Gorgeous sweater. Like all your creations. The yarns, the finishing... You are quite the inspiration for this MK newbie. Where did you learn how to machine knit and how can I learn to do it just like you?

Kathe Lewis said...

Hi Colin,

it is beautiful, and I love your finish! This typer of pattern with the low diagonal shoulder seam on the back I have never seen before - is that what FF-shape means? I would like to try that, if I can find some instruction.

Kathe Lewis, Denmark