Tuesday, March 28, 2006


This is all SALLY'S fault. It is she who sent me the link! Below are the sock yarns I bought.
I ordered them Sunday night and they arrived today, Tuesday. Excellent service. Go here.


amanda said...

Thanks to you and Sally for the link to the Sock Yarn Shop. I've now added
this to my eBay favourites.

pam said...

Hi Colin
Well I had to laugh at the image of you throwing a wobbly in John Lewis.
I wish I had been there to see it

Hope you don't mind me laughing. I watch Little Britain so can imagine what it was like

Saw your new stash. It looks like you will be knitting a lot of socks. Do you get a pair of socks out of one ball of wool??

I'm glad you have sorted out something for the pain. If you are not is so much pain perhaps you will feel more like doing things

Keep knitting

Ann said...

Oh, ho, ho, Colin. Looks like you need to be fitted. For a sock crazy jacket. Just like I said you would...Would you like fair isle or handpainted...Awesome.

Sharon J said...

They look great. Where did you get them? I have a big plastic box full of sock yarn - enough to make about 30 pairs plus baby socks from the left overs. Oh well, something to do for a couple of winters :)

Cherry Rolfe said...

I got my first ever balls of opal sock yarn yesterday. Race ya!!!!

Holly @Home said...

"Janette's Rare Yarns"on E:bay has some lovely "Lana Grossa" sock yarns. Sorry I don't how to post a link but if you put "Noro" in shops search U.K you'll get her.Mum finds her service really good.Holly.