Monday, March 13, 2006

Two Circs

I am sitting around waiting for Alice to whelp.
So I decided to try again with the sock thing. 4 or 5 dpns are definitely out. No way.
Magic Loop. What's magic about it? I couldn't handle it.
Finally got the hang or 2 circs. Once I figured out why I kept ending up with all the sts on one needle!
So maybe a pair of sock are on their way - once I can find a pattern written for 2 circs. I couldn't make my own as I do for sweaters as I have no idea how socks are done.


sal the spider said...

Was it worth it? Have they come yet? Can't be a bad night, a technique cracked AND puppies!! :-)
Sal x

NikolaAnne said...

I've got a booklet from the US that I can post over to you if you want for a "universal sock pattern"

Cost me $1", so if you like the look of it, make me an offer. :-)

The booklet is very easy to follow, but as I hate the "small needles/fine yarn" thing, I'm not doing socks! LOL

Ann said...

Hope the puppies and mom are healthy. A trick about two circs. Look at a traditional pattern, one written for 5 dpns. Use one circ for needles 1 and two, and the other for 3 and four. If that fails, there is a tutorial and pattern specifically written for 2 circs on knitty. I'll go find it and leave a link. Good luck.

Ann said...

Never's for two socks on two circular needles...that's rocket science that is. But google socks on two circular needles and you get a LOT of options.

Holly @Home said...

Oh the dreaded D.P.Ns we turn all fingers and thumbs with those ..good luck with two circs ..Holly and angie

sal the spider said...

Been a bit tied up of late and have just been scooting through the blogs, not staying to read comments etc. So had not seen "those" comments from the other day. Sad, very sad. Did laugh (in a slighty ironic and world weary kind of way )about the "faghag" thing. I love it! If that was supposed to wound your other commenters they fell well short of the mark. I'm proud! I want a T-shirt printed! If you can stand the "fag" darlin' I can certainly stand the "hag" :-)))) A classic case of just lashing out desperately with words and ending up rather funny instead of hurtful. The rest ? Nasty. Do they really think after ALL the shit you've been through/go through that that tripe means anything? Mad AND sad.
Cheers hon, keep on keeping on.
Sal x

Sharon J said...

I can't do the magic loop thing, I just get myself into a complete pickle. 4 dpns are much easier :-)

I bet there's an air of excitement in your house with Alice ready to whelp. It reminds me of when Poppy had her pups. Mind you, I doubt Alice was impregnated by a neighbour dog who jumped a 5 foot fence in order to get his end away!

~Sharon xx