Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Improved Sock Number two

My second sock, using 2 x 4mm circs. This is a much better fit and the sts look right. I realised as I was knitting this that I had left out some steps in the first sock, like when I was decreasing on the heal, the should have been 1 row of knitting between the decreases! I also changed the heel on this one, using st st and not garter st.I did this today whilst waiting for Alice to whelp. The yarn is something called Alpine in Taupe which i found lurking behind the armchair. An acrylic wool mix.


Anonymous said...

Great looking sock!!!! I must try one soon. I have not had good luck doing one on the 930. Perhaps I can do a pair by HK. Pups are beautiful!!!! Wish I could hold them. Our mini Dax is 13 and the Boston is 6. Good luck with the pups. Your knitting is inspirational. Wish I lived near you so you could teach me.
HUGZ Jim Nashville TN USA

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Colin! Your socks look great! I also knit them on two circs,
tried the other ways and just keep going back to two circs. I learned
with Cat Borhdi's (sp?) book "Socks Soar on Two Circulars" or
something like that. I don't have it with me at the moment.

Socks are addictive.

DJ said...

Great job! They look like really comfy socks for around the house, to (I never wear shoes, just comfy handknit socks). You will be doing them 2 at a time before you know it. That is when the fun starts.lol
Gorgeous pups. My aunt raised show Dachies in the 50 and early 60's. Short, long and wire haired. I've never owned one but have always liked them after growing up with them so nearby.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Colin!!! Better watch out, knitting socks is very addictive.
(Like we need another addiction besides cashmere itself)
I don't care for the garter stitch heel myself. It just looks
uncomfortable. A nice decorative heel is the eye of partridge but I
prefer the short row heel as it can be easily replaced when it wears
thin. I had to laugh when you said you used yarn you found behind the
couch. I'm not surprised with all that stash of yours! It must be
popping out everywhere!
Oh the pups look lovely, so glossy and shiny. It's obvious you take
very good care of mom. I just want to pat those fat little bellies
and smell the puppy breath.
Anyway, if you design socks as well as you design sweaters, I'll be
hounding you for patterns! Bravo on your first socks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin, I make the standard Passap sock, cotton for summer, wool for
winter; I have an old Pinkie Passap, and put the yarn carrier cup onto the
back lock, rather than use the four headed side mast; the only fault I have
with these socks is that, worn shoe-less inside the house, I can slip on
my waxed wooden floors.....especially the stairs..... but they're still the
only socks I ever wear....
I do find your work so beautifully designed and finished, very inspiring.

Sharon J said...

Now this one does look much better than the first, I can agree on that. I can't see the point in using garter stitch for a heel as that would surely be uncomfortable, although I do use slipped stocking stitch (k1, sl1 on alt rows) because it gives a stronger heel that's less likely to wear through (years of having children wearing them on a daily basis inside their boots have taught me a trick or two). Love the yarn. ~Sharon x