Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Well, although still very angry, and wavering between that and despair and feeling quite good too, we have organized a trip.

We are going to Prague. We will leave here on a Friday night in August, go the thru Chunnel, and spend that night in the SuiteHotel in Calais. Early Saturday we will drive to Prague, staying en route Saturday night and then arrive at the Dorint in Prague centre on the Sunday. Wednesday will see us leave and head for Munich where will stay at Novatel in the centre, leaving Saturday morning to head home. Saturday night will be another stopover en route and Sunday night staying in the same hotel in Calais. Get through the chunnel early on the Monday morning and head for home.

I adore driving, especially through Europe and it will be exciting to visit the Czech Republic as I have not done so before. Although it isn't easy as regards the pain part, it is exciting so that supersedes my discomfort. Besides, I aint walking! Walking is the real pain.

The woman at the Dorint was kind enough to warn me that the streets of Prague are mainly cobbled. That counts the wheelchair out. I have made enquiries and have discovered that I can hire a self propelled scooter to take with me.It won't a problem with the cobbles. Feasible or not, I do not know yet. The other option is to take lots of codeine. Or not go. Not going is NOT an option. The codeine is not really an option either, unless I don't want to poo for a week. Having experienced that in October in Lake Kontstanz(see Chipolata post in October 2005), I really don't want to do it again. Whatever I decide, I am still going. Life is short and pain or not, I am going to get the most out of it I can.

Sunday was not a good day. My dinner ended up on the floor, and partly on the aran sweater I have almost finished knitting. Why? Well, John had put all the dogs away because I had wiring strung across the room , a satellite aerial, which led to the GPS for the car. I was working out the route to Prague. Once he had put the dogs away, he walked back into the room and decided the window needed closing. Yes, the window my aerial was hanging out of. He walked str8 into the wires and pulled the GPS machine off the sofa and broke it. £800!!! Broken, just like that. My dinner ended up on the floor, and over other stuff. I'll leave you to figure that one out, I am far too ashamed to say how it ended up there.Nothing further happened as I then left to go to church - on my own

I had to wash the almost completed Aran sweater or it was going to stain beyond help. I got all the stuff out and spun it and left it to dry. Then I discovered I had been a complete pratt. I did not wash my swatch. Why on earth not? Well because this a pure wool, hand wash, and that is what I was going to do with the garment so didn't bother. Well guess what? I should have. I know, I know. I have been at this so long and I should have known better. However, what has happened is not what I would have expected. It is HUGE! Instead of 63 cm wide it is 76 cms wide! Washing expanded it. The pattern looks great tho. You should have seen how dirty the yarn was! This is much lighter ecru that i thought it was. Anyway, so now I am knitting the final sleeve and will complete this garment. perhaps I will then sell it on Ebay as it will be too big for me.

Alice the Dax is due to have her puppies this weekend tho she could hang on a day or so after that. So come Friday, I will be staying put. This is her first litter, and probably her only. She is two now, or will be later this month.

Dax pups are dideous when born. My first littter of them was such a shock. What f**k are these, I said when I saw them. Long torpedo shaped things wih a pointy end.Ugleeee! They do of course end up really very pretty but they don't start to blossom until they are about 6 weeks or so. As adults they are just gorgeous. Lovely tempered, not yappers, placid but energetic. Never a cross word from my Daxies unless they are pregnant and other pups around.Even then, it's only a warning growl.


sal the spider said...

My frind called on a neighbour one evening and she and her husband had to wait on the doorstep for some time listening agog to the shreiking from within. Eventually the door was opened and the man of the house chatted for several minutes before going back into the fray. Never at any point did either party ackowledge the entire chinese meal that dripped from him as they spoke, wonder what he had broken?! ;-))))

Holly @Home said...

Looking forward to the pups ! Mum understands the codeine problem ..ouch ..even a diet of Bananas alone won't help sadly .Holly.