Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yesterday was not the easiest day for me pain wise. I was in pain at the show. Whitney was not on form either. Before i got to the show I felt it wouldn't be a good one, winning wise, and maybe Whitney knew that too? Whatever, she managed a 5th in Open bitch. Neither of us were bothered really. I did enjoy myself though it was sore and tiring.

The day started off at 2c and rose to 22c but the few hours of cold didn't help me so when ti did heat up, I was still having trouble.

Having moaned now I shall still say I had a good day. It was nice to be there and see people. I was thrilled that my Edna's dad is now CHAMPION Dimara Gorgeous George. He is a lovely Apso and Mandy is a dear friend. Watching the challenge, I felt really nervous as if her were mine and I could barely watch. I was so thrilled when he won I hurt myself clapping. I forgot I ought not to clap.

I didn't see enough of the delightful Sarah B. and I know she was off colour too yesterday. Maybe will see you at Birmingham on the 6th?

We were going to have niching put to rest today. However, she seems to have rallied around again so we didn't. She is being given my Tramadol twice a day. She is eating, pooing and peeing well and now jumps onto the couch again. She is clearly senile but I am not concerned she is pain now. We shall just have to see what happens from now.

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