Monday, April 26, 2010


When I first saw him, I switched him off within the first few sentences out of his mouth. I couldn’t stand that voice.

Recently, I saw him briefly as part of a program about stand up comedy. I listened long enough to think I might get him.

I have just was him him for an hour and twenty minutes. I still find his voice very grating. I also find him to be intelligent and insightful. Hardly anything he said I disagreed with. I’d only take issue with him over the use of the word ‘faggot’. If a white person can’t say nigger then I don’t see why he doesn’t get that a straight person ought not use the word faggot (or queer, poof, shirtlifter etc) for exactly the same reasons.

He regrets leaving school with no qualifications. He is clearly and intelligent man and he has done well. He is grateful for that too, not unaware of how good life is for him.

I can see why people would find him offensive. He swears a lot. He is crude. He is also right on the button with his observations and insights into human behaviour, and there are people who just do not like a spotlight upon their machinations and self-deceit.

I am glad I got past his voice and heard what he had to say.

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