Saturday, April 03, 2010


My desktop PC has a problem, I don't know what, I am taking it to the shop Tuesday. It works fine but it has become very noisy and something sounds like it's whirring/clicking all the time, a bit like when a bike wheel turns and soemthing is hitting the spokes. It has been doing this a logn time I have to say. I figured the loud whirring is the fan. It's making this funny engine sound now. It is intermittent. Not the whole time the pc is on.
Anyway the desktop is used mostly for photography and printing. I am thinking of replacing with an Imac. I would appreciate any feedback. Here the differece in cost is not a lot. The new All In One PC's cost about the same as the Imac.

Frustratingly my laptop Pc, Acer Aspire is buggered. The wi fi won't work properly. I can, weirdly, use Skype and Norton was able to download updates. However, if I try to connect to my email or browser it can't. The diagnostic says windows cannot communicate witht eh device or DNS server. No idea what that emans. It says the device is working properly. It clearly isn't.

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