Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am almost finished on three pairs of socks now. I am especially pleased with the 1 x 1 rib I decided to use on the gusset. It really looks and feels good. Hopefully I shall be able to get a decent enough photograph to show you.

Nechung is weird because of her senility. I brought her home from her blood test yesterday and let her out of the car. Instead of going str8 to the front door, she toddled off down the road. I called to her and she seemed to be startled by that and moved faster away from me. She tried to go into a different house and then she really seemed to freak and went off again. I can’t run and I was getting really worried that she would end up in the road. A teen boy was approaching and I asked him to head her off, explaining she would not hurt him. Nechung walked str8 into him and then ran off and into the field behind us. She was then trying to get into our garden from there. She has never been in that field. How did she know it was our garden behind the 7ft fence? Anyway, I realised what she was going to do when she couldn’t find a way in and I headed her off. Suddenly, she stopped dead still and stayed there until I got to her and out her lead on. She having a ‘vacant’ episode which enabled me to catch her. Taught me that even though it is but 12 feet from car to front door, I ought never let ANY of the dogs do it without a lead.

I am feeling a little low. Not miserable, just lowish. The trip to Edinburgh has shown that my disease has progressed again. It doesn’t seem to progress gradually but in steps. By that I mean I am not steadily declining but in plateaus and dips. I also found that when I am feeling very cold, from the inside, feel trembly and am confused, it is my disease and exhaustion. We took all day, 8 hours, to drive up, with regular stops. I didn’t feel tired at any point but did feel unwell when we got to the hotel. Now the trip home was the same length and we took regular breaks. I was cold, trembly and unsteady on my feet when we got home. That is how I knew it was exhaustion.

Now I have always been able to drive long distances and with no ill effects.No it seems not. I rested the following day, prepared for the dog show on the day after and went to the dog show the after. I was still very tired at the show and in much pain so clearly two days home before the show was not enough. I am used to the day after the show being a day I can’t function and need to sleep and do nothing. This time, I needed two days to recover.

All this makes us realise that our trips have to be organized differently. We had been thinking of cruising but looking is not it, it really is not for us. Quite apart from the fact John hates the sea and doesn’t relish the idea of being at sea at all. Now because he is he and he loves me, he didn’t tell me this until I told him I didn’t think a cruise was going to work.

We still want to visit Barcelona. It is a long drive. We will either have to take 3 days driving there OR decide to spend an extra day there so that the first day I can just sleep and hang about the hotel. I am sure it will all work out somehow.

We drive because there is Big Daniel to take, a suitcase, and other bags, ,camera equipment, drugs etc and whatever we might buy. Imagine trying to do all that on a train or plane. No, driving is much more convenient.

I have discovered something very useful. Ms Jeeves has cruise control. Also my new Garmin Zuma 660 sounds an alarm when a speed camera is coming up and also when I go over the speed limit even if no cameras. On my way TO places, I am usually anxious to get there and I tend to drive too fast. Also, on the way to dog shows, I can  get engrossed in talking with Angie, (the lady I share the dog show trips with). Well, I now set the cruise control to whatever the limit is.

I have found that by doing this my drive is much less stressful, saves pain in my accelerator leg too. I also get to the show in just the SAME amount of time! I also of course save fuel.

Do keep your eye on Knitman’s Kitchen for coned yarns if you want any. I am planning on putting a load up this week. Don’t forget that I do combine postage so if you bought 2 for example, I would refund the postage difference. I can also sell my cones in large amounts because I know how to use a courier and it is cheaper that way. i.e I will have trouble sending a large box of yarn. I have not looked into this for sending outside UK.

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