Wednesday, April 14, 2010


OKAY so there was fairly major hiccup. When I got Jeeves home and set up the ramps for Daniel to go up, Daniel didn't fit, the ramps collapsed, and I was left trying to keep an 80 kg wheelchair from falling back on me, damaging Jeeves, and crashing to the pavement. I yelled for help and fortunately my neighbour heard me and came to help me at once.

I tried again, having lowered Daniel's back as far as it would go. There is no way Daniel will fit into the back without being taken apart, which would defeat the object of me being free to go out without help.

After being quite upset about this development and eating a pot of Haagen Dazs to help me think, I order another w/chair, to come express delivery tomorrow. This one is not only half the weight of Daniel but the top folds right down onto the seat so will go into Jeeves no trouble.

There is otherwise loads of room in this car for luggage, dog crates, and the w/chair. In fact I think I can get dog crates, trolley and w/chair in.

I have the iPod set up, the mobile phone set up so the Jeeves answers it at the press of the button. Jeeves also accepts voice commands. Oh and Jeeves is Ms Jeeves.
Needless to say I have hurt myself supporting the weight of Daniel.

I have no regrets with this car. Daniel doesn't fit by less than inch! Yes, that was a boob I could have done without.

I was not prepared to have a people carrier, no room for seats in the house when removed. Plus I don't like them. I needed a car with the back totally flat when rear door opened, unlike Octavia that had had a dip.
It has Cruise Control too which will save my right leg some pain. Good fuel (diesel) economy, very comfortable.

Our planned trip to Edinburgh is still on.
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