Friday, April 16, 2010


I feel so much better about the wheelchair situation.

Much to my surprise, John  said not to sell Big Daniel yet. He must have known what was going to transpire.

Even if Big Daniel had fitted into the new Ms Jeeves, I would NOT have been able to handle him on my own, not even with the ramps. That had not occurred to me. As it is, I was in serious trouble when I tried the first time and he didn’t fit, he toppled back and I could only keep my body still and yell for help. If he had fallen I hat to think what 80kg falling on my legs would have done. So taking Big Daniel anywhere on my own is a no no. He does fit in the car when the batteries are removed and he is then folded.

Little Daniel is very comfortable to sit in. The seat is very like a padded high backed office chair.Most importantly, he fits whole in Ms Jeeves. I find it easy to get him up and down the ramps. I have taken him to the supermarket and to the Spiritualist meeting in Littleport and I had no problems.

Ms Jeeves is a wonderful car. Easy to drive. Very comfortable. Economical to run. The bells and whistles are extraordinary. It controls my mobile phone through Bluetooth technology. My iPod plugs in via USB and audio cable. It has DAB Radio. The lights come on automatically according to how dark it is. The mirror automatically adjusts so no glare from lights behind at night. The Cruise Control is definitely a leg and fuel saver for me. It has an alarm. The steering wheel and the seats are fully adjustable in an out and up and down, like Octavia’s were.She looks very smart too.

I am very sore today. I feel really bruised to the touch. I assume because I have done a fair bit this last couple of days. Moving is like trying to walk in treacle and I am fatigued. However, crucially, I am well in my mind and feel content again.

I was somewhat taken aback by just how out of equilibrium I was when it looked as though I was going to be without the freedom I thought Ms Jeeves was going to bring me. I am lucky that it has all worked out and I have the new freedom I was after. It has shown me how important my attitude of gratitude is and how living each day the best I can and only dealing with today is. There will likely come a time when I can’t walk at all or generally find it very much harder to do what  now can do. It is not definite and I continue to  endeavour do what I can to keep mobile.

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