Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I hate confrontation and I avoid it if I can. Sometimes it is detrimental to me to avoid it.

It is especially difficult for me to confront someone who I think has lied to me.

I have been feeling anxious about the car purchase for some time now. I felt the sales man had lied to me. Whilst swimming this morning, I determined I had to confront him about it. If I didn’t, and I went to pick up the new car and it isn’t what I think I am getting, I likely to chuck a wobbly.

I took a deep breath and I called him. I asked him not to respond until I had side what I wanted to say. I did so calmly and without direct accusation. He took it well. We discussed it and I feel okay about it all now. I am getting the exact model I test drove, except that the test car had things in it which Ford now charge as an option instead of standard. It’s only a minor detail but it left me feeling like I had been mislead, especially since I had already signed the agreement before I learned the specifications had been changed.

I am glad I confronted this. I no longer feel I have been treated as a fool and been taken for a ride.

Now I just have to wait for Ford to get off their behind and deliver it to me!, already a week late, and no sign of it coming this week.

I am still enamoured by the iMac. I have got my iTunes library off my external onto it, as well as loads of photographs. I haven’t found  it to be the huge learning curve I was told. I find it easy to use  and just  like with the PC, I have found my way around it. That is how I learn, I try it out. Instructions, written, are gobbledegook to me. The one thing I thought would be a problem is the closing of windows in the top left not the top right as in PC. Not so. I switch between the two easily, like I do when driving here or on the mainland, which is left hand drive.

I am going to try connecting my Brother printer today.

I had a pretty crap day yesterday. The pain that prevented me sleeping was with me most of the day. I took more pain killers than usual and I felt foggy most of the day too. I hated it. I really prefer my mind to be clear, not foggy.

The weather is dull, wet, and chilly though not cold. Heating is off indoors.


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