Friday, April 30, 2010


I have a new pc so no longer have my addresses and I can’t let individuals who are members of UKHandknitters know the following by email.

A while ago the List Owner Pearl asked us if we wished the group to continue. From the response received,  we clearly did. An official Poll was held and the upshot of that was a clear mandate to leave the group as it was.

The list owner decided to ignore all this. People have been unsubscribed. ALL members are moderated. I know I was not only moderated but censored.

Now it turns out that Pearl is none other than Fred (Knitty Fred). Fred has chosen to deceive everyone and is on some sort of power trip. He has unsubbed a couple of hundred people from the list, including well known and respected UK knitting experts! He got rid of the other moderators. He is in sole charge. (This is how it stood a few days ago and it may have changed, who knows. It remains the case that he deceived all by using this alternate personality!)

Until this came to light I was writing to Fred asking what was going on and he would reply with no hint at all that he was Pearl.

I considered Fred a friend. We had taught together at the NEC. We wrote each other occasionally. I was shocked to discover his deceit. I have no idea why he has done this and I don’t care. It is NOT acceptable, not in any way.

This is the only way open to me to try and let everyone else involved in the group know  of his deceit and utter disrespect and regard for the membership of UKHanknitters.

There is now an alternative group for those who want and open and honestly run group.

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