Tuesday, April 06, 2010


This hasn’t happened for a while. I got up after only 3.5 hrs disturbed sleep. I just can’t get comfortable with the pain in my hips and legs. Taken pills and waiting for them to work. It’s not even as if the pain is really bad, just annoying and enough to make me restless.

Anyway, although right now I am using the laptop, yesterday I bought an iMac desktop. I took a memory stick with photographs of my yarn on it to see what they looked like on the iMac. I was so surprised to see my un-edited pics look just like they are in life! I am in the process of redoing all my yarn shop pictures as a result.

The machine is fast. It’s beautiful to look at. It WORKS! When I put the memory stick in my pc to get the yarn pics, it froze on me! I had to restart. That just indicated to me that I was about to make the right decision.

I had taken a while to come to the decision and Sunday night I went to bed with the decision on my mind, knowing by the time I awoke, I would know what I wanted to do. I got the iMac and already know it was right and that PC’s are jalopies by comparison.

It loaded up two programs, large ones, in the time it takes my PC’s to start up! It also came with almost all I need on it-which on my pc I had to pay for. In the end, this is not an expensive choice.

One thing I did do, which I would not have had it not been recommended by the Mac Users Group, is buy the Apple Care thing for 3 years. It is not like the crap extended warranties one can buy from PC World or Curry’s for example.

I guess I shall most of today taking new photographs of my yarns and hanking the six new dyes I did over the weekend. I would think I shall not do much dyeing or knitting this week as I will have the iMac to learn. I also still have stuff to get off my PC and onto the external and then onto the iMac.

People can be so nice. Every time I go out, to a mall, at least two or three people stop to compliment my hat or footwear or just my general attire. I  like it. It isn’t just the fact I am sitting in Daniel because I have experienced the same when walking with the sticks.

Yesterday in House of Frazer I saw some beautiful coffee crockery. I didn’t buy any because they were high in quality and price and I just can’t trust my hands enough for that. I buy nice crockery when  I see it if the price is under £15 because my grip is poor. I would be really upset if I paid £40 and then dropped it!

I forgot to say that I had booked a personal shopping hour at the Apple store. This meant I had a young man, Sam, to myself for an hour to show me the machine and answer my questions. It was very good and he was very polite and friendly. (He like so many others, was wear very low slung jeans. If only they could see how they look from behind and how it affects their gait. I am sure it is building future mobility problems!) Sam took the iMac to our car for us.

I am going to meditate now and see if I can get some rest. John  will be up in an hour and then I have to take him to the station as he is back to work in London till Friday evening. I have spent more time at the flat in London recently but won’t be there this week.

PS: my PC’s have always been high end so the problems are PC not cheap PC’s. One of the things that really got too much was the constant changing of OS and having to pay for it. I was happy with XP! Still, I won’t be worrying about that any more.


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