Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh Dear!!!

ANONYMOUS left the following comment to the 'Oh That's Okay Then ' post:

But many people object to the fact that the word "gay" has now been taken on board by that fraternity, having totally lost its original meaning. Why was the word gay adopted in the first place as it bears no relation to its true meaning??
Why not just use homosexual? Calling myself "normal" is deemed as offensive to those of a non-normal disposition, so I have to describe myself as hetero.

Why would anyone object to the use of a word that is not offensive? In fact it is G.A.Y. , an acronym meaning Good As You.

You write as if you have a problem with us and your use of the word 'normal' suggests you don't see us as being of equal value , especially when you describe as non-normal. Given a little thought one could easily realise why that is offensive, if one cared enough for others to think it through. There are more of us than people with red hair . Are they too 'non-normals'? Thankfully, by your definition, I am not normal. I cringe at the thought, if your thinking is a representative example of 'normal' thinking.

Homosexual, btw, is perfectly fine. And whilst you might be right to call yourself heterosexual, I doubt very much that you ever are in a situation when you have to, unless you frequent gay bars. And you certainly do not HAVE to at all, as what you are is clear.

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