Tuesday, April 21, 2009


These were taken on our first day in Budapest. The title of this post is Pest because we were in Pest. Buda is across the river.

It was freezing cold, minus something C, and very windy. We had also just discovered that the city is useless for wheelchair users. I was furious. More because I was cold and tired from the previous day's driving. We took Daniel back to the hotel and when I had calmed down, I took painkillers and decided I would have to walk. I hadn't driven 1250 miles to sit in my hotel room.

I discovered that painkillers don't enable me to walk as if nothing is wrong, without pain, or at a normal pace. They do take the edge off though and I felt rather pleased with myself that I managed it.

On the way back to the hotel, to take Daniel back, I nearly got run over by a woman in a car as I was riding him over a pedestrian crossing. Like Italy, drivers seem not to care abotu traffic lights or pedestrians.

It happened again very soon afterwards and during our stay, I really had to watch out cars that wouldn't stop as I crossed roads. Not just that, they came around corners paying no heed at all to what might be in front of them.

As you can see though, the city was beautiful. I have many more pictures to post.
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