Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I got a nice compliment today. I was sitting in the Chemist waiting for my drugs. I was knitting my sock. Someone I knew came in and calle dout to me' what are you doing, colin?'

Trouble is, I had taken my glasses off to tink a couple of stitches and I couldn't see who it was. So I called out 'who is it?' and when Sherilee said it was her I said: 'Oh, Hi. Sorry I couldn't see your bush without my glasses.' What I meant was that Sherilee has huge bushy hair but as I was concentrating on my sock, I just didn't say it right. Everyone in the Chemist laughed, including me.

The lady sitting next to me said to Sherilee, after I had explained to her what i was knititng,'and he's knitting them very well too. My mother used to knit socks.'

I felt rather complimented that a total stranger would bother to say such a thing.

The the Chemist gave me my drugs and siad 'oh and the extra Morphine is in there too' so i turned and said loudly ' and that's why I say the wrong thing easily....'

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