Saturday, April 11, 2009


Various views of Luxembourg. These were the evening of Saturday 21st March, our first stop over on the way to Budapest.

We couldn't get in here to eat as it was not accessible for the wheelchair and not easy with my sticks,and it was too cold outside. We ate in a restaurant opposite here. The waiter was as camp as tits and very amusing. He was very helpful to us, served us well, and made us laugh. He also spoke English. He knew from the outset we belonged to the same 'group' as he did, you could tell how he summed us up very quickly and it showed in his smile. Not everyone we meet realise we are a couple which I find odd as after 28 years we have melded such that it is clear, I think, if you know anything about body language.

A view from our hotel. Luxembourg City is upon a hill, a fortified city.

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