Saturday, April 04, 2009


We are home.

More stuff was taken than we thought, which is not really surprising. A Minolta camera 35 mm, no lenses! A 30gb Ipod. Thankfully I had taken the 160 gb Ipod with us. The Ipod docking thing.

On the good side we were incredibly lucky. We managed to get the exact same tv model, now not made, the exact pc screen (okay the surround is white rather than my preferred black although having said that, this one doe snot have a reflective edge cos of the white).

It made us laugh to realise they had also stolen the Dyson full of dog hair! We got a better version which had a third off the price!

Have to deal with insurance etc on Monday. Have to speak with Police again to inform them of what else we foudn missing.

John's drawers were gone thru, not mine, yet mine are closer to the door.

We also got a bill from a company who were called out by the Police but then cancelled within a very short time and they expect us to pay £180! What planet do they live on?

It is clear that the thieves left through the front, round the side, through our passageway as they cleared it of our junk in order for them to get out. Thus their vehicle must have been parked outside. The whole thing seems very suspicious. If they were heard by neighbour, as we have been told, and she called the police, why did our neighbour, or anyone else, not see them leaving with all our stuff? Mmmmmm

The dogs are delighted to be home and us to have them home. Whitney did not eat well whilst away and has lost weight which she will gain back now she is back with her man. Margaret will be returning James, Carly and Little Dorrit to us tomorrow.

One of our friends, Marilyn did a really nice thing. There was a welcome home card waiting for us when we returned today.
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