Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Click on the link above. This is about an 11 year old boy who hung himself when he could not endure the bullying any more.

He was not considered 'normal' and no one at his school thought anti gay bullying should be addressed.

You may not realise it Anonymous but you and all who think like you allowed this to happen, allowed the bullying to happen, allowed this boy to be hounded to his death at the age of 11.

Every time a gay person, who one perceived to be, is bullied or killed, every time a person of colour is abused or killed, every time a woman is abused or killed , or a child is abused or killed, ALL those people, regardless of their actions or non action, who think that gay people, people of colour, women and children are LESS than, are responsible. Why? Because you give fertiliser to the growth of hatred.

Personal Responsibility has much wider ramifications than we like to think.
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