Friday, April 10, 2009


I am getting really fed up with the remarks about me writing on my blog about my holiday. This is NOT why we were burgled. It is NOT my fault! Who reading my blog, apart from friends, knows where our home is?

Why when something happens to a person is there always this subtle blame the victim thing ?

Writing on my blog is just that. It isn't an open invitation to rob me nor is it to be used by anyone to blame me for anything that may befall me.

Are you really so scared of misfortune that you must simply the blame the person that misfortune befalls in order to make you feel safer?

EDIT: It wasn't so much a comment on here that had me snap. Quite a few people have said it and it has been the first thing they said. I told both sets of neighbours we were away and no dog sin the house. Normal to do so. We were robbed and clearly by people who knew we were away and no dogs were in the house. It has nothing to do with what i said, wrote or thought. Nothing to do with me whatever. Bad stuff happens. One gets a similar response when one tells of someone dying of cancer (an acquaintance just has) and people always ask 'did they smoke?'. Or if a gay man dies 'did he have AIDS? They do this because if they can blame the death on something the person who died did, it makes them feel safer, like they won;t die if they are good. It's that old lie of if we are good nothing bad will happen. So I believe unintentionally people look for reasons to blame the victim in order to themselves feel better and less fearful and it hurts those on the receiving end.
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