Friday, April 17, 2009


I have been left exhausted by two women!

Jane from Eindhoven in Holland and Lia from Sandhausen in Germany. We have all met a few times before and originally because of the Socknitters list.

A very bad influence on me. Who knew this small town could have us shopping for 5 hours?

Last night we ate at the Plate and Porter. Very good food.

In between shopping and eating, we chatted and knitted and petted the dogs who were delighted as always to receive guests. How about this? Seven of them ranging in age from 15 weeks to 11.5 yrs, including to mature stud dogs, and there was not a grumble or snap to be heard whilst they competed for who would get petted. As You can see, Micah and Luque parked themselves on Jane and they are the two studs . Not a growl from either them.

We will all meet up again, I hope for Xmas in Sandhausen.

(For those you concerned that I am being hurt or am upset by Anon-I am not! This type of attitude stopped hurting long ago. I am baffled by it and I find the lack of self awareness astonishing. I still have enough faith in humans to believe that one day such people will think more positively about those who seem to be different.)

Lia with Whitney.
Jane with Micah (left) and Luque.

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