Thursday, April 23, 2009


My email friend Pam West (click on name to go to her website) did this portrait. She thought it looked like one of my dogs, and I agree. I didn't know that modest Pam was an artist.

Micah and Whitney are all tarted up for tomorrow's show and I am soon off to bed. Since I had three pairs of boots arrive today, my footwear for tomorrow has changed to pastel green and coral. They match the colours in the waistcoat.

I did my swim this morning. I have also been taking Sennakot , 2 twice a day for the last three days cos I was bunged up and nothing was happening. Today, a few hours after this morning's dose, rather too much is happening! I am hoping it will be done by 4am when I leave here.

I have FIVE pairs of socks on the go. I couldn't control myself. Thankfully I wasted no time trying to find the repeats or making sure I cast on a particular break. I just picked up the damn yarn and cast on and away I went. What will be will be.

I did make a concession with the Road Gerry from Lorna's Lace. It was going to stripe and not nicely so I just carried on increasing until it did something else. It obliged at 84st and is now spiralling in a very nice way. It is on 2mm needles and 84 sts is that little bit too loose for me, I prefer tight, but probably normal for most people.

Speaking of tight, can anyone explain why my legs, hands, and torso feel better when I am wearing tight undergarments and tight gloves? I wear support tights most of the time now and my vest is always tight and I wear tight half gloves most of the time. My guess is that it has something to do with the pressure but I can't figure how or why that would help my condition.

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