Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hip Hip Boo Hoo

Okay we managed to get some of the shopping we went for done but really my damned hips would not give up belly aching. Whether standing or sitting in the w/chair they hurt like hell, despite the drugs. arrgh! I hate anything to interfere with shopping. Shopping is one of life's essentials. Oh that reminds me, I overheard this conversation: 'what do you want from Lakeland?' said one person. 'I don't know but I am sure I will want something.' Now that reply was from someone who is just like me.....

I wanted a teapot and teacups to drink proper loose tea from. I saw plenty and they all cost around the £40 mark. The I especially liked was blue ware in fine bone china, £40 for just the pot. I ummed and aahed over it because I cannot trust my hands and £40 is a lot to drop. I decided to come back if I decided I wanted it. I am glad I did cos later I saw some blue ware fine bone china teapots and tea cups and saucers on sale. the teapot was £10 and the cups £5. I now have what I wanted and if I break it, well it's not so much dough to drop.

Shameless is being ever so delicate, staring at me all the time and wanting to be next to me. Yes it's cute but really can be tiresome too, especially when one is eating. She is about 10 days away now. I laid my hand on her belly and could feel the puppies rolling. Even after all these years, it thrills me.

That's it for me. My shoulders are joining the chorus of my hips. I took my drugs. I counted the evening ones and it comes to 12 of them down the hatch! Then there is 7 in the morning and another 4 half way thru the day. On a good day! I hadn't really noticed how many I take. 5 for my heart, 3 for my gut, 2 for my muscles and the rest for pain. If you have shares in drug companies, you really ought to nice to me as I feed you.
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