Thursday, December 25, 2008


It's almost over. Just about 25 minutes left. tomorrow I can get back to normal. I still hate Xmas and am so glad it's done for another year. Last year was the best ever. Firstly because we were with people we like in Germany up until late Christmas Eve and we spent the best Xmas Day ever driving home to England. That was not at all like Christmas Day. It was like missing it altogether. So anyway, I am glad today is done. No matter how I try to feel otherwise, it just feels like a bad to me.

Shameless is restless still and her puppies are rather active - you can see them rolling and feel them easily. It could be another few days yet or it could be tomorrow. It is very doubtful that they will be bron tonight.

Micah is looking and smelling good as he had his bath today. Maybe Whitney will have hers tomorrow along with Nechung.

Lia and Jane called from Germany today just to make sure I knew what I was missing! No really I like to hear from them. They called me a week or so ago form Jane's home in Eindhoven, Holland and they used Jane's computer so I heard them both talking at the same time like a conference call which was fun.

I am having my brain fried right now. I am reading a book all about physics, especially quantum mechanics. I love it but can only read a bit at a time. What amazes me about this book is that maybe I am not crazy after all! Meaning that the weird things I think and have always thought are not so weird after all and I am not the only person who who thought about the same things. In fact rather well known scientific boffins not only thought about them but studied them and have THEORIES named after them. I am a bit taken aback by that. The stuff I pondered upon and the weird ideas I came up with and was laughed at for are in fact what made people like Bohm and Einstein and Hawkin famous! No I am not saying I am a genius like them. I am just saying I am glad to find out I am not weird for thinking my thoughts and that my thoughts are not 'out there' after all. Or at least if they are, I am in esteemed company.

Too late now, but I wonder what I could have done had I not believed the lie that I was stupid and bad.


Anonymous said...

So, perhaps when we leave this life, we slip on over to a parallel universe. I'm not kidding.

As for what you might have done, you've done quite well, thank you very much.

P.S. - I'm glad it's over, too.

BammerKT said...

Oh, I have to say Happy Christmas! Because I do wish you one. I'm sorry it's a bad day for you, but at least it's over!

Anonymous said...

I've always believed in our energy moving on to other worlds, the latest multiverse stuff just gives me a simpler solution to believe in.

I remember when I was expectiong Amy, she used to turn somersaults all night. Or whenever I sat down. it can be very disconcerting I feel for Shameless.

Don't forget Christmas belonged to us Pagans first... personally I enjoy all the sparkle and lights because it marks the beginning of the days getting longer. Welcome back light.

Nan said...

I'm glad it's over, as well.

I think the notion of a "there" in the afterlife is more likely a here at a different level, energetically. But then I'm one of those who has always thought odd things myself.

Hope the doggy has an easy delivery.

Happy New Year!