Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Sweet Face of Evil

It is about 9c outside, dull and damp. I much prefer it to be close to 0c and dry or 24c and dry. The weather takes no notice of my wants though.

Slept really well, I awoke after an hour, went you know where and then did not wake for another 6.5 hrs! I stayed put, dozing for another 2 after having rearranged myself so I was half sitting up.

You know, I find it rather insulting/hurtful to be befriended by people whose aim is not to be my friend at all but to convert me to their way of thinking. Meaning convert me to their brand of Christianity. They aim is to 'save' me and some even want to 'str8en' me. Whatever, they aren't interested in me at all, just in making themselves feel better and pleasing their 'saviour' that they at least tried so that they have another point towards their going to heaven. Whatever the motive, I find it hurtful and it has happened a number of times now, one more recently, where I have been enjoying an email exchange about knitting or maybe more personal stuff and then they start with their fundy beliefs and I realise I have been conned. It isn't right to do that.

I have ideas, clearly, and I write them down here sometimes. I recognize that they are only ideas. I am not out to convert anyone. The main purpose is entirely selfish-it helps to give me clarity about what I think. It also helps me think and come to understandings I hadn't previously. If, and it's a small if, someone with rigid ideas, i.e. fundamentalists, is prompted to look and see the evil these ideas cause and change, then I would be delighted as it would mean it was less likely more children were being mentally and spiritually abused in this way. It is highly unlikely that happens because of what I write.

A while ago I made mention of this person I met who home schooled and I kept my mouth shut when she said she did so because she was a Xtian. I have more to write about that.

She appeared to be quite lovely to look at with a nice smile. It is quite incongruous to realise the evil that is in her thinking process. Yes, I did write evil. And how huge her arrogance is. And her fear was clear to me. I firmly believe that what she is doing to her children is evil. It damages them. She is teaching them lies and distorting their thinking and teaching them that to think for themselves is merely the Devil's way of tempting them so they will have have to go thru hell in order to set themselves free from her and the way their brains have been trained to think. She is not loving them but hating them. She is not saving them from hell but pushing them into it. Heaven and Hell are states of mind and she is creating their Hell for them. It breaks my heart and makes me furious all at the same time.

Here, children are removed from abusive homes, usually. Yet it is only sexual or physical abuse or neglect that brings this about. The abuse this mother( and presumably father) is subjecting her children to is every bit as damaging. It doesn't lead to instant death of course but can ultimately do so. It certainly leads to death of the self if not the body.

The only way to help these children is to deprogram the whole family. That will not happen and the very idea is fraught with danger. After all, that sort of control is exactly what causes this evil in the first place.

Another thought, one I have seen in action: there is little difference between Hitler managing to whip up his audience to fever pitch with belief in him and his ideas than a Xtian(or Islamic) preacher doing the same. It is well known psychology. The fervent belief they develop has nothing to do with truth but with psychological control, the chemicals our brains release in such situations that makes us feel so good. It becomes about acceptance and a feeling of belonging to a group. Of feeling safe. It matters not what the belief is because it isn't at the the core of it. Fear is.

If we could deal with fear, we will solve the vast majority of the problems of mankind.


Anonymous said...

As usual, I agree. You never know, however, when one of your seeds of logic will find a tiny little piece of fertile soil and take root. It worked for me, once, long ago.

kshotz said...

I have long thought that fear is the familiar face of evil. The two definitely go hand in hand. Your closing thought is right on target!!!

Kim in IA

FuguesStateKnits said...

It's funny, I cannot help but think of something from the Bible here (ironic, eh?). "Perfect love casts out fear." So, what does fear do?
And without love where are we?
Just my little 2 cents for the day. As you know, Colin, I do believe, but I do not try to get anyone to believe what I do - how can I? What I believe changes as I grow!
Hope you are enjoying the holiday season and can stay safe and warm at home with your beloved:)!

La Duchesse said...

I think it's that so-called Human Contradiction peeking out of its box again...