Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Changed My Life

The Internet did.

Since I first went online back in 97, my life has changed very much for the better. I discovered that there were other people out there who thought as I did and also had had similar experiences to me. I felt less alone as a result.

All the travelling I have done has been the direct result of the 'net. I first drove on mainland Europe because of the 'net. I drove to Barcelona to see some Lhasa Apso there and from there to Denmark where I brought home amle Lhasa and later a female. I also met people who are now firends in Sweden, Denamrk, Germany, Belgium, Holland and France.

I have made some good friends. Only once did meeting up with someone did not work out well at all and I have no idea why. The person seemed to dislike me from the very outset, treated me with disdain. Unfortunately, I had already arranged a 2 day vist with them so went thru with it. A very odd and uncomfortable experience.

However, I met 4 other people as a direct result and have become good friends with them. Lia and Lui, Jane and Gordon and Diana. We spoent Xmas last year with them.

Then there is the knowledge the 'net provides. It really has expanded my own knoweldge of all sorts. It also has given me an outlet for my dog and kitting passions.

Above all, and this is the most unexpected thing, healing. Yes, healing. Thru the 'net I have found myself. I have also found a way of expressing myself and at the same time reaching out to other lost and lonely souls. I am no longer either lost or lonely. I know I am not alone.

The down side is that the 'net is rife with religious loonies! ;-0 I have learned much about the USA which I would have preferred not know. There appears to be no separation of state and relgion and the Religous Right there are no different to the Islamic fundies they hate. The USA and the Middle East have much in common and I think we have much to fear from them. Perhaps with this new Ppresident the danger of this fundamentalist evil will lessen. I certainly hope so. No one will be free if they hold sway.
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